World of Tanks Betting


Introducing World of Tanks Betting at GGBet

Within the last decade, the World of Tanks launched with a big bang, overtaking other existing MOBA games with its unconventional but creative "armour tank" battle concept. The battle game has penetrated deep into the world of gaming as it attracts more than 5 million players every month. World of Tanks has spent nearly $4,000,000 as a prize pool.

The popular game is another opportunity for bettors to make money by gambling on World of Tanks esports betting sites such as GGBet. GGBet gives gamblers the highest World of Tanks odds and generous promotional deals.

How is World of Tanks played?

World of Tanks betting requires that bettors understand the rudiments of the game. The game is played by two teams of seven players each. Here, the players must select a tank from the five different tank types available in the game. Each team has a primary goal of defeating the other team by winning at least 3 out of 5 maps in a single match.

As long as a team wins 3 maps, the team wins the entire match. A single World of Tanks match lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes. If there is still a tie by the end of the match, the teams will be given another objective to win. The new objective is either a deathmatch elimination or taking over the enemy's territory.

GGBet World of Tanks Bet Options

World of Tanks Bets can be placed by selecting any bet option provided by the bookmaker. At GGBet, World of Tanks bettors have a plethora of bet options on their table. These options include:

  • Match Winner. This bet option requires the bettor to select the squad likely to win the match. Here, the selected team must defeat the enemy in at least 3 maps to win the match.
  • First Blood. Here is another volatile bet type in World of Tanks betting. This bet involves betting on the team whose player will likely score the first enemy kill. Here, any selected team member must kill an enemy tank for the bet to settle as a win.
  • Map Winner. This bet is a volatile bet type, and this reflects in the high odds it offers. The bet involves placing a wager on the team that wins a selected map. Here, the bettor wins if the team wins that map and loses if they don't.

How to bet on World of Tanks Odds on GGBet

Placing a wager on some World of Tanks esports betting sites is quite tricky but at GGBet, it is straightforward and without stress. The following are procedures for placing a wager on any World of Tanks game.

  • Register and verify your GGBet account via their official webpage.
  • Add money to your profile.
  • Search the betting markets for World of Tanks games using the search tab.
  • Carry out an analysis of the game you desire to bet on.
  • Select a World of Tanks odds.
  • Input the amount you are willing to risk.
  • Confirm the bet.


Beyond all these, GGBet has more to offer when it comes to placing World of Tanks bets. Some of these features include a live bet option, generous bonus deals, high odds on every game and many more. So, sign up on the GGBet official website to get started.