Valorant Betting


Valorant Betting at GGBet

eSports has taken the gambling and gaming industry by storm, and one of the most popular genres of eSports is the First Person Shooter (FPS) tactical games. This is because of how exciting it is and the number of tactics that can be applied to help you and/or your team win in a game. Valorant is a very popular FPS game and is one of the top eSports available at GGBet for betting.

Valorant Gameplay and Mechanics

Valorant is an FPS tactical hero game that was developed by Riot Gaming. Despite being published in 2020, its development started as far back as 2014, showing the amount of effort put into developing the game. It shares some features with other top FPS eSports, like the Call of Duty franchise and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

The most popular game modes can also be seen as well. From the intense and competitive team match where each time tries to get the maximum number of kills to a more tactical bomb-defusing game mode.

Popular Valorant Betting Markets

There are various Valorant bet types available at GGBet. This variety helps to increase the number of options available to players to choose from. Here are some of the most popular Valorant markets to choose from.


This betting option is the most popular among players and punters, both new and old. This is because it is straightforward and easy to understand. You simply have to predict the winner of either the whole tie, a map or a round. The possible options are usually a Home win or an Away win.


Totals option can be either Over or Under. It involves betting on whether the outcome of an event will be less or more than the line given. For example, if some valorant bets have odds of 2.40 for Under 13.5 total rounds, meaning the number of rounds must be 13 or less.


The handicap option involves giving a particular team a virtual advantage or disadvantage even before the match begins or while it is going on. If the Maestro clan has a -6.5 rounds handicap to win against Kicksdome. The Maestro clan must win with at least seven more rounds than Kicksdome.


Just like the name implies, it is a combination of other valorant matches betting markets. The combo is usually a moneyline and totals options. For example, FaZe clan to win Over 17.5 total rounds mean that the FaZe clan must win the fixture, and at least 18 rounds must be played for the wager to be won.

Special Bets

Some special bets that do not fall into any particular category are available for GG Bet Valorant betting. This includes bets on players and their performances, whether the number of rounds will be an even or odd number and so on, the correct score of the tie and so on.

Tips and Strategies to win at Valorant Betting

Given the peculiarity of GG Bet Valorant and its difference from real sports games, some strategies have been developed over time in a bid to increase the possibility of winning a Valorant bet at GGBet. Here are a few of them:

  • Take advantage of bumper odds: This small tip is often overlooked. Some valorant matches may be given boosted odds, and you may take advantage of it by betting on those matches.
  • Understand how Valorant works: A proper understanding of how the game of Valorant works will help make better decisions regarding Valorant betting.
  • Properly research the teams: Analyze and research the teams that are to play to have a significant advantage over other players and the bookies. Take note of trends, Head to Head (H2H) history, and other statistics.
  • Proper Bankroll Management: Discipline is very important when placing Valorant bets at GGBet. You must learn how to place a bet and be disciplined enough not to play bet above the budget planned for the gaming session.
  • Place bets on live games: live games offer some of the best values at GGBet. You can follow the Valorant live scores and monitor the matches in real-time by streaming it. This will help you determine which side has the momentum, influencing your decision.

Live Betting at Valorant

Live betting involves placing bets on an eSports while it is ongoing. Live Valorant betting is available at GGBet, and here are some reasons punters love it.

  • In-Game Analysis: Streaming a Valorant game will allow you to make better decisions when you decide to place a live bet on the same game.
  • Hedge your bets: Whenever your pre-game wager loses, you may hedge during a live game to minimize loss.
  • Offers the chance for huge wins: The volatile odds of live games can open the window of opportunity for huge odds and little risk, allowing for big wins!


Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games available for Windows devices. It's colourful, and the gameplay and mechanics are superb! Valorant betting is also quite popular among players and punters and has some of the best odds. GGBet offers players an opportunity to win with Valorant betting and offers extensive market options for you to choose from.