Vainglory Betting

Introduction to Vainglory betting on GGBet

In 2015, Super Evil Megacorp released the Vainglory free-to-play action game. It has since become one of the biggest multiplayer online battle arena games. Vainglory is also one of the most popular games in esports betting. To this effect, we will discuss how Vainglory works and how you can earn by placing Vainglory bets on GGBet.

Vainglory Gameplay

The Vainglory game is simple and easy to understand. Players are split into teams of 3 or teams of 5, depending on the tournament or competition. The goal of the game is to capture the vain crystals located in the enemy base. Players must protect their vain crystals while fighting off automated minions from enemy towers.

Types of Vainglory Bets

GGBet offers a wide range of bets to choose from while betting on Vainglory. These are some of the most popular betting markets offered on GGBet:

Matchwinner Bets

This is the most common Vainglory bet market. To win, you're to place a bet on the right team to win. These kinds of bets are the safest to play but have relatively lower odds.

Future Bets

Future bets on Vainglory allow bettors to place bets on future events. For example, you can bet on a team to win a particular competition or tournament.

Prop Bets

These kinds of bets are not necessarily affected by the outcome of the game. It involves placing bets on things like the number of kills in the game, what team would draw first blood and so on.

Tips and Strategies for Vainglory Betting on GGBet

It is more than just knowing the types of betting markets available on Vainglory betting. Without relying on certain evergreen strategies, landing a win might be quite technical. However, here are a few tips to help you place profitable bets on GGBet:

  • Make adequate Research: It is important to research before placing bets. Consider the previous matches and stats of both teams while betting.
  • Live Betting: Live betting on GGBet is one of the best ways of earning. It allows players to place bets while the game is being played. This allows for tactical insights and advantages that lead to more profitable bets.
  • Follow Expert Tips: While betting on Vainglory, it is important to follow tips and strategies given by experts. This can be very helpful, especially to new players.

Why Vainglory Bets are the Best on GGBet

Betting on Vainglory can be very profitable. Here are some of the reasons why you should bet on Vainglory on GGBet:

  • Easy to Understand: Betting on Vainglory is straightforward. It has easy gameplay controls, making it easy to understand and predict.
  • Promotions and Bonuses: GGBet offers the best promotions and bonuses for betting on GGBet. These bonuses include free bets, welcome bonus, cashback, insurance bonus and many more.
  • Best Odds: GGBet offers large mouth-watering odds and numerous betting markets for betting on Vainglory. This allows bettors to make higher returns on bets and increase profits.


Vainglory betting has never been better. With amazing odds, a wide range of betting markets, mouth-watering bonuses and several monthly offers that make betting on Vainglory more profitable for bettors, GGBet is your one-stop casino for the best of all worlds. So what are you waiting for? Register on GGBet today to start earning!