Smite Betting


GGBet Smite Betting

Smite is a video game that was created by Hi-rez Studios in 2014. The game’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds since it was first launched, carving an image for itself with its unique playing characters and other exceptional features. These features have paved the way for you to wager on Smite bets while picking markets of your choice on GGBet. In this article, we’ll explore what you’ll get from doing Smite betting.

How is Smite played?

Smite features mythological characters. These characters are chosen and controlled by the players. Several characters can be played, and two players on the same team cannot use the same god in a single game. There are also different game modes. However, “Conquest’ is the most popular and played in several tournaments that constitute Smite betting odds and markets. The teams involved play until they kill the opponent's Titan. This is the focal point of the game.

Smite Markets on GGBet

There are several types of markets that you can wager on Smite matches. These variations make Smite betting more holistic and certainly give you more options for betting on eSports Smite on GGBet and other top sites.

  • Match Winner: Simply put, a match-winner bet involves you choosing who will win a particular fixture. If two teams lock horns, you are expected to predict who will win to get a shot at a payout. If your prediction is correct, then you will receive your winnings.
  • Outright Bets: This goes beyond a game and predicts an entire tournament. Here, you are supposed to choose a team or player who will win, after which you’ll win the bet should that player or team win the tournament.
  • Prop Bets require betting on outcomes that don’t define the game. For instance, you can bet on props like the first kill, map winner, and other bets that could be inconsequential to the overall fixture.

Smite Strategy

How can you maximize the potential of your Smite bets and wagers? We know you must have asked this question. Fortunately, we have answers for you. These strategies could see you through to your biggest Smite wins yet.

  • Do your research: The first tip to successfully wagering and winning a smite bet is to dig deep for facts. Checking out the teams' previous fixtures, history, progress, and even previous meetings could greatly influence your bet. Remember that betting on the backdrop of past occurrences is often effective for your wagers.
  • Follow the teams involved: You don’t necessarily have to spend all your waking hours monitoring Smite teams and players. You only have to do this regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on any news or event that could potentially influence the players’ performances and, by extension, your bet.
  • Watch the matches: Having a natural instinct is key for anything. By watching the Smite games, you’ll equip yourself with the proper insights to wager on Smite betting odds and win them gracefully. Watching Smite matches also increases the fun of betting on Smite teams.

How to do Smite betting on GGBet

You must follow a few steps to begin betting on this game on GGBet. GGBet parades the best Smite odds, so it’s all plus and no minus playing Smite on the platform.

  • Register: First of all, sign up on the betting website. GGBet requests only a few things to sign up, like an email password, etc.
  • Make a deposit: Next, you have to fund your account. Go to the cashier, click on deposit, and follow the easy steps.
  • Place a bet: Go to the eSports market and select and choose from any of the games for betting on eSports smite on GGBet.


Doing Smite betting on GGBet is definitely the best eSports betting choice you can make. With all the benefits available on the site, there’s no reason you shouldn’t join GGBet and bet on eSports.