Overwatch Betting


GGBet Overwatch Betting

In 2016, the Overwatch game was birthed, and it stormed the gaming space with its hitch-free and immersive combination of features from Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games and First-Person Shooter (FPS) games. The game still maintains its popularity as it currently attracts more than 25 million players monthly.

Overwatch betting stems from the game's popularity, which involves placing bets on popular Overwatch tournaments and leagues. Top bookies make odds available for popular Overwatch games betting. At GGBet, you don't only get to gamble on Overwatch games. You enjoy bonuses and an extensive betting market.

How to play Overwatch

To place Overwatch bets, you need to have a concise knowledge of the Overwatch game to win. The MOBA and FPS fused game is played by forming two squads of six team members each. These squads are to battle against one another on a map until one team eliminates the other.

Each player gets to select an in-game avatar with pre-programmed unique attributes. These avatars are classified into Tanks, Support and Damage avatars. Usually, it is recommended that each squad is formed by selecting two of every avatar class. The game offers over 20 maps where players can battle.

GGBet Markets for Overwatch

Overwatch betting can not cover all Overwatch games. To make up for this, bookmakers such as GGBet offer betting options that bettors can leverage to make more money while gambling. Below is a list of the top GGBet betting options for Overwatch games:

  • Match Winner: Being the most popular bet type for any sport, it remains the most selected for Overwatch bettors. Here, the bet is won when the selected team wins the match. If the team loses, the bet is lost.
  • Tournament Winner: From the name of the bet type, it infers that such a bet involves predicting the winner of an Overwatch tournament. Here, the bettor is to research each team and select one before the tournament ends.
  • Map Winner: The bet involves the gambler choosing which of the two teams would win a specific map. Usually, an Overwatch game involves playing in either 3 or 5 predetermined in-game locations called maps.
  • Live Bets: Overwatch live betting is another bet option available on GGBet. Here, several bet options are available while the game is ongoing. This helps the bettor make the right gambling decision and accumulate more cash.
  • First Kill: This is a props bet, as it does not affect the game's final results. Here, a win is determined by the team whose member first kills an enemy. If a member of the team selected does not make the first kill, the bet is lost.

How to bet on Overwatch

Overwatch bets are not difficult to place. As a new bettor on GGBet, there are some steps to take to place a bet on Overwatch games and gain a huge return. Follow the below steps to place your first Overwatch bet:

  • Create a GGBet account and get it verified.
  • Select a payment option from the deposit tab and fund your account.
  • Go through the available Overwatch games and select your choice of odds after carrying out your analysis.
  • Input the amount you want to stake.
  • Confirm the bet, and that's all!

Strategies for Overwatch Betting

Betting on Overwatch games attracts losses if a bettor is unaware of the principles that enhance one's winning chance. Following the below tips, Overwatch betting can become more profitable as you win:

  • Manage your funds by setting a gambling budget.
  • Research about the teams, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Never underestimate the underdog.
  • Consider combining varieties of gambling options.
  • Know the basics of the Overwatch game.


With the host of betting options, Overwatch betting exudes exclusive fun for many interested gamers. When you place bets on Overwatch games at GGBet, you benefit from the highest Overwatch odds and bonuses. Create an account today and get your Overwatch bet journey started.