PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Tournament Brief

PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Tournament Brief

On October 26, the main tournament in the discipline Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PGL Major Stockholm 2021, will begin. The best teams in the world who have managed to pass qualifications will participate in this tournament. Which teams will participate? Who will be the favorite? Who to root for?

Tournament Format

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will begin on October 26 with the Challengers stage in the Swiss BO1 system format (up to three wins or three losses). It will eliminate half of the teams in this stage. On October 30, the group stage of the main stage will begin with the participation of 16 teams, which will also be held according to the Swiss system. The remaining eight teams will compete for the championship in the playoffs, where each match will be played in a BO3 elimination format. The tournament prize pool will be $2 million, and the winner will receive $1 million.

Teams To Cheer For

5 teams from the CIS will participate in the tournament, three of which will start from the Challengers stage (, Entropiq, Team Spirit). Since the CIS dominates CSGO this year, we can expect 5 CIS teams in the tournament main stage. Two teams immediately got into the main stage of PGL Major Stockholm – Natus Vincere and Gambit. And these teams are the main favorites of the championship. Natus Vincere team dominates all the recent tournaments and doesn’t plan to stop. At the same time, Gambit has recently not pleased the fans with their game, but at the Major they should show their peak form, thanks to which they won all the tournaments at the beginning of this year.