GG.BET gives VIP trip to Blast Paris Major 2023 for the largest donation

GG.BET advocates that wars remain only in games. While the war in Ukraine continues, the eSports community unites to save lives.

The UNITED24 Foundation and our partners Natus Vincere will hold a charity show match on December 22. The world-famous players will play a live non-classical competition in CS:GO, and the spectators will be able to transfer funds to the medical needs of Ukraine and get prizes.

GG.BET supports this effort and offers a special award for the top donation amount — Esports Experience Weekend!

What is Esports Experience Weekend?

You contribute to Ukraine and make the largest total donation — GG.BET takes care of all expenses and organizes your personal esports holiday.

We arrange flight and lodging, informal meetings with Natus Vincere and Team Vitality players, and a VIP pass to all days of the Blast Paris Major 2023. It will be full of adventure, encounters, and top-notch CS:GO play in Paris this weekend!

A trip to Paris:

  • a first-class flight;
  • personal driver for all days of the tournament;
  • staying in a 5-star hotel.

VIP pass to the Blast Paris Major 2023:

  • pass to all tournament games;
  • pass to the practice room;
  • personal backstage meeting with Natus Vincere players;
  • an exclusive NAVI merch with players' autographs.

An evening with the GG.BET ambassadors:

  • a casual dinner at a restaurant;
  • a walk along the evening Seine.

Meeting with Team Vitality:

  • an excursion to Team Vitality headquarters V.Hive;
  • a personal meeting with Team Vitality;
  • an exclusive Team Vitality merch with players' autographs.

Cool esports merch by GG.BET

How to get the Esports Experience Weekend?

  • 1. Click the link before December 22.
  • 2. Donate the top sum of money to the NAVI x UNITED24 project.
  • 3. Get a VIP tour from GG.BET and go to Paris in May 2023!

Join the charity project now.