Team Spirit Wins DreamLeague Season 21
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Team Spirit Wins DreamLeague Season 21

On the evening of September 24th, the DreamLeague Season 21 tournament came to a close.

12 teams participated in the tournament, with 8 advancing to the playoffs: Shopify Rebellion, Tundra Esports, Team Spirit, and BB Team started from the upper bracket, while Entity, 9Pandas, Gaimin Gladiators, and OG began from the lower bracket.

Team Spirit made it to the grand finals through the upper bracket, defeating Tundra Esports (2:0) and Shopify Rebellion (2:1). Shopify Rebellion dropped to the lower bracket, where they beat BB Team (2:1) and earned a rematch against Team Spirit in the grand finals.

However, in the Best-of-5 grand finals, Shopify Rebellion only managed to challenge Team Spirit in the first game, which after 68 minutes, still ended in Team Spirit's favor. Following that, Team Spirit secured two more victories, concluding the grand finals with a 3:0 score.

The total prize pool for the tournament was $1,000,000.

Prize Pool distribution:

  • 1st — $300,000 — Team Spirit
  • 2nd — $175,000 — Shopify Rebellion
  • 3rd — $120,000 — BetBoom Team
  • 4th — $85,000 — OG
  • 5th-6th — $57,500 — Entity, Tundra Esports
  • 7th-8th — $47,500 — Gaimin Gladiators, 9Pandas
  • 9th-10th — $30,000 — Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses
  • 11th-12th — $25,000 — Talon Esports, Quest Esports