Team Falcons Wins DreamLeague Season 22
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Team Falcons Wins DreamLeague Season 22

On the evening of March 10th, the grand finale of DreamLeague Season 22 concluded. Following a best-of-5 showdown between Team Falcons and BB Team, the tournament's winner was determined.

Both teams started the playoffs from the upper bracket, having secured the 1st and 2nd places in the second stage of the group phase of the tournament, with Team Falcons winning all 7 matches out of 7. In the upper bracket final, BB Team managed to win the first map of the series, but then Team Falcons evened the score and won the series on the third map — 2:1.

BB Team fell to the lower bracket, where they cleanly defeated Xtreme Gaming with a score of 2:0, and advanced to the grand final, where they got a chance for revenge against Team Falcons. This time, the MENA club did not give up a single map to their opponent, and the grand final ended with a score of 3:0.

For winning the tournament, Team Falcons earned not only $300,000 but also 4,200 ESL Pro Tour points. The tournament's total prize pool was $1,000,000.