MOUZ to Replace Tundra at PGL Wallachia
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MOUZ to Replace Tundra at PGL Wallachia

The organizers of PGL Wallachia Season 1 have announced a forced change in the tournament's lineup. Tundra Esports was compelled to withdraw from the competition.

The team's withdrawal was due to visa issues.

In place of Tundra Esports, MOUZ will compete in the tournament, having finished 3rd in the regional European qualifier, where Tundra Esports took 1st place and OG took 2nd.

OG reached out to their fans and explained that they could not replace Tundra Esports because their players had already scheduled vacations during the tournament dates. In particular, a break was needed for their offlaner Wisper, who had been playing in Europe away from home for several months.

PGL Wallachia Season 1 will take place in Bucharest from May 10 to May 19. The prize pool for the tournament is $1,000,000.