Cloud9 Moves HObbit and Perfecto to the Bench

Cloud9 Moves HObbit and Perfecto to the Bench

Cloud9 announced further changes to their Counter-Strike 2 roster.

HObbit and Perfecto have been moved to the bench. The club has stated that both players are up for transfer and ready to move to another team. Additionally, analyst F_1N has left Cloud9.

As a result, Cloud9's roster is now down to two players: Ax1Le and Boombl4. They are reported to be the core of the next version of the roster. Previously, Cloud9 transferred electroNic to and played with the stand-in alpha from Team Spirit Academy during the European qualifiers for the Esports World Cup 2024.

At the Esports World Cup 2024 qualifiers, the team placed third and failed to qualify for the tournament. They lost twice to Sashi Esport in the double-elimination playoffs, who ultimately won the qualifiers.

The next tournament for the updated Cloud9 lineup might be BB Dacha Belgrade 2024, scheduled for May 14-19. The team may withdraw from upcoming tournaments, as it previously withdrew from ESL Pro League Season 19.