EPIC CIS League: Gambit Defeat VP in Grand Finals

EPIC CIS League: Gambit Defeat VP in Grand Finals

EPIC CIS League: Gambit Defeat VP in Grand Finals

Gambit Esports managed to defeat Virtus.pro in the grand finals of EPIC CIS League Spring 2021. The series concluded with a 3-1 score – Gambit lost the first map, Train, with a 9:16 score, and later emerged victorious at Dust II (16:7), Vertigo (16:14) and Overpass (16:7). This victory granted Gambit $15,000 in prize money and 1600 RMR points, while their opponents claimed $10,000 and 1500 points.

Both Gambit and Virtus.pro advanced to the playoffs from the 6th place in the group. Later Gambit managed to make it all the way through the upper bracket, where they outplayed Entropiq (2-1), Team Spirit (2-0) and Akuma (2-0). Meanwhile Virtus.pro defeated forZe (2-1) in their first match, however lost to Akuma (0-2) afterwards and dropped to the lower bracket. There they managed to beat Entropiq (2-0), Team Spirit (2-1) and avenge Akuma (2-0).

Playoffs Bracket:

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Although the event is officially over, one match still remains – a series between Natus Vincere and Entropiq for the fifth place. Initially the match was supposed to take place yesterday, however it has been postponed to a currently unnamed date.

Following the event, Gambit Esports currently share the 2nd place in the region’s RMR ranking with Virtus.pro with 1600 points. They are falling behind Team Spirit with 1780 points and are ahead of Natus Vincere with 1580. However, if NAVI will win their match for the fifth place, they will get additional 100 points and move to the second place.

EPIC CIS League Results:

Place $ USD RMR Points Team
1 $15,000 1600 Gambit Esports
2 $10,000 1500 Virtus.pro
3 $5,000 1400 Akuma
4 $3,000 1300 Team Spirit
5 $2,000 1200 NAVI/Entropic
6 $2,000 1100 NAVI/Entropic
7-8 $1,500 950 K23, forZe
9-11 - - Trident, ex-Marlian, Nemiga
12-14 - - IN.GAME, 1win, banka
15-16 - - 100PingGods, Ground