BLAST Plan to Host Four LAN-Events in 2022

BLAST Plan to Host Four LAN-Events in 2022

BLAST Plan to Host Four LAN-Events in 2022

The Danish tournament organizer BLAST has revealed the schedule of their CS:GO series BLAST Premier. Just as in the previous years, this season there will be three Spring events and three Fall tournaments. The year will conclude with a World Final in December. Three of these events are planned to be held in arenas with live audience.

The full schedule looks as follows:

Spring Season

  • January 28th – February 6th: Groups (Online)
  • April 20th – 24th: Showdown (Online)
  • June 14th – 19th: Final (Arena)

Fall Season

  • August 19th – 28th: Groups (Studio)
  • October 19th – 23rd: Showdown (Online)
  • November 22nd – 27th: Final (Arena)

December 14th – 18th: World Finale (Arena)

On top of that, the organizers have updated the format of the Groups event. Now they will feature three stages instead of one. First, sixteen teams will play in three GSL groups with best-of-one series. Then, all teams will compete in the Play-In stage with bo3 matches, with winners of the groups starting directly from the finals, while the outsiders will begin in the quarterfinals. Two best teams will advance to the Spring Finals, while the bottom two teams will play in the Spring Showdown. Meanwhile the teams placed 3rd – 6th will compete in the Last Chance stage, where winners will advance to the finals, and losers will proceed to the Showdown.

The participants of BLAST Premier: Spring 2022 have been split into the groups as follows:

  • Group A: G2, NIP, BIG, COL
  • Group B: NAVI, Astralis, OG, MIBR
  • Group C: Vitality, FaZe, Liquid, EG