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League of Legends Betting on GGBet

League of Legends was released in 2009 to widespread positive reviews. The game has been one of the most successful multiplayer games and is lauded for its availability to all types of gamers. Riot Games is credited for operating this game and has competently incorporated many aspects into the title.

One such aspect is LoL tournaments, which have further induced League of Legends betting on many bookmakers. As a bettor, you can access eSports odds, markets, and other exceptional benefits on GGBet. This platform offers much in the way of LoL wagers, and that’s what we’ll show you in this article.

League of Legends Gameplay

League of Legends is a player-versus-player game that has numerous features. It involves teamwork, pitting five players in two teams competing against each other. Team spirit is very important to win this game as the opposing sides will be expected to defend their position on the map, infiltrate their other team’s ranks, and destroy their “Nexus.” Each player must choose a champion from the available options and play with these. As you rightly guessed, many LoL eSport betting odds are on offer for this tournament.

League of Legends Markets on GGBet

To place a League of Legends bet on GGBet, you must know the valid markets you can bet on. Further understanding these markets is a plus in helping you win your wagers. This site offers various LoL betting odds in several markets. They are;

  • Match Winner: The concept for this type of bet is similar to that of other sports. It implies one team winning a certain fixture. For instance, if a fixture exists between Cloud 9 and Invictus Gaming, you must choose one of these teams to win. If the team you wager on wins, then you get your payout.
  • First Kill: This game involves smiting the opponent, so naturally, one of the betting markets is the ‘First Kill” market. Here, your responsibility is to predict the team or player that will kill his opponent’s champion first. If this wager goes as planned, you’ll win the bet.
  • Totals Bet: Otherwise known as Over/Under bets, this category is famous for its flexibility. You’re to predict the total range of a particular occurrence in a fixture. For instance, you can predict the score range in a match, over or under. An over 2.5 score means that three games must be won, while an under 2.5 score means the total score of the match must not be more than 2:0.
  • Outright Bets: There is no risk without reward. Betting Outright bets are not the safest options, but they bring good payouts. It involves you predicting which team will win a tournament before it starts. It is advisable only to make this bet if you’re certain of the team you’re betting on.
  • Prop Bets: Betting the props is the most fluid option for LoL GGBet wagering. Props bet allows you to select between various outcomes to bet on. These outcomes don’t necessarily define a game like a match-winner bet. They’re only there as miscellaneous bets; for instance, the first player to destroy a tower, most kills on a particular map.

How to bet League of Legends on GGBet

League of Legends betting can be done easily on GGBet, and there are only a few steps to begin doing this. These steps are:

  • Sign Up: Register on the platform. This involves giving out some information like email, password, and others. Rest assured that this information is safe and only used for on-site purposes.
  • Fund Your Account: The next step to begin playing GGBet LoL is to deposit some money into your betting account. Go to the cashier, choose your preferred deposit method, and fund your account.
  • Go to the Market: Check out some of the markets we talked about earlier, like Match Winner, First Kill, etc. You’ll find these in the eSports segment on the GGBet website. Choose League of Legends, where you’ll see various tournaments and available games.
  • Place Your Bet: After selecting the game(s) you want to bet on, you can place your bet. You’ll be asked to confirm the bet. Your wager will be in full swing as soon as you do, and you’ll be awaiting the results.

League of Legends Winning Strategy

Betting is always a risk, but who says you can’t increase your chances of winning? We’re not saying they are some magic tips, but your betting is definitely more accurate with them. Check out these League of Legends betting tips below.

Watch the matches: Having a first instinct for something is often better than paperwork analysis. When you watch a League of Legends fixture, you’ll be equipped with a basic understanding of the gameplay and will make the most accurate decision on your bet slips.

Do some research: Shaking out the facts of teams and head-to-heads is a surefire way to arm your betting with the most accurate weapons. By doing microscope work on the teams, you’ll understand which one to bet on and in what market to do so.

Try live betting: Analysis done in a live bet situation is often more accurate than those done before a match. Doing this will increase the accuracy of your analysis and also increase the chances of winning LoL eSports betting games.

Stick to a bankroll: Having a designated bankroll for your betting means that you have a plan in place for your betting. This saves you from panic betting and not analysing the games properly before proceeding with a bet.

Bet LoL on GGBet

The list can go on about why you should wager on LoL betting odds on GGBet. Apart from the already mentioned benefits, there are others that you’ll discover for yourself when you do GGBet LoL. It goes without saying that this site gives you the best experience betting on eSports and LoL specifically. We encourage you to bet LoL on GGBet today.