Heroes of the Storm Betting


Introduction to Heroes of the Storm betting at GGBet

HotS (Heroes of the Storm) was built following the model of Warcraft III by Blizzard Entertainment. The game developer has the recognition of many professional gamers as one of the best MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games in this era. The popularity of this game cannot be questioned as publicity was made by the developer five years before it was launched.

The game’s popularity is on par with no other MOBA games, as the 2015-launched virtual battle game attracted more than 6 million global players. The fun fact about this game is that you can earn money while gaming by placing Heroes of the Storm bets at any bookmaker's site. GGBet provides the widest HotS betting market to gamblers with generous bonuses as complements.

Heroes of the Storm (HotS): How it is played

HotS is a 5-player against 5-player battle game that can be played on laptops and smartphones. These two teams can either be human players versus human players or human players versus bots. In Heroes of the Storm betting, only human vs. human games are allowed.

The game involves each team member choosing a hero each to form a team of 5. Two teams are paired against another team for battle, and each team fights with the aim of destroying the opponent's "King's Core". Using various strategies and skills, one of these teams ends up as the victor.

HotS Bet Options Offered on GGBet

At GGBet, you have a host of betting options available at your disposal. Grasping how each bet option works is key to winning any Heroes of the Storm Bets. The following are the betting options available at GGBet:

  • Match Winner: This remains the most popular bet option of any game, including HotS. Here, you are expected to predict the winning team to win the bet.
  • Map Winner: This involves the bettors predicting which team would win a particular map in a match. Usually, the odds of the bet are high.
  • Tournament Winner: This bet is similar to the match-winner bet. The bettor wins this bet by predicting the team to win a HotS tournament or league. Usually, this bet type gives lower odds to favourite teams.
  • First blood: Also known as First to Draw Blood. It involves betting on the team whose member kills an enemy. This bet option is a form of props bet as it has little impact on the game's outcome.

Placing HotS bets on GGBet

Heroes of the Storm betting is trending in the betting world. For new gamblers interested in getting onto this trend, here is the procedure for betting on HotS games at GGBet.

  • Visit the verified website of GGBet and click on "Sign Up".
  • Create an account by filling in the required details.
  • Fund your GGBet account by selecting the Deposit tab and choosing a desired payment option.
  • Type in "Heroes of the Storm" into the search tab to access the games available.
  • Select a desired game and input the amount you can stake.
  • Confirm the bet, and you are done placing a HotS bet.


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