Hearthstone Betting


Introduction Hearthstone betting on GGBet

Hearthstone distinguishes itself in the world of digital games as it bases its game mechanics on a battle of cards between two players. Created in 2014 with an initial moniker, "Heroes of Warcraft", the digital game has bored a hole in the heart of gamers in less than a decade. Globally, it holds the 6th position among the most-played digital games.

The game's popularity has attracted the attention of top bookmakers such as GGBet. This attention resulted in the creation of Hearthstone betting, giving gamers an opportunity to earn cash from the top Hearthstone games. GGBet offers the widest range of Hearthstone bet markets with complementary mouthwatering bonuses.

Hearthstone Game Dynamics

Hearthstone works differently from other strategy games. Rather than battle with in-game characters, the game makes use of cards. Each card has either a damage-dealing effect on the enemy or a buffing effect on the active player. The game requires player vs. player gameplay.

To play a game that involves Hearthstone betting, each player takes turns to bring down the enemy's life point from 30 to 0. The first player gets to pull out 3 cards per turn, while the second player gets to pull out 4 cards to counter the damage.

GGBet Hearthstone Betting Markets

Given the variety of Hearthstone games available for betting, GGBet provides different betting options on games from the top Hearthstone leagues and tournaments. These betting options are assigned with odds for each Hearthstone player by the bookmaker. Here are the available Hearthstone betting options at GGBet.

  • Moneyline Bets: also known as the match-winner bet. It is the most common and selected odds in a Hearthstone bet. It involves predicting the team that wins a match. If the selected team wins, the bettor wins the bet. If otherwise, the bet is lost.
  • Outright Bets: Similar to the Moneyline bets, the bettor only wins this bet if he predicts the final winner of the tournament rather than the match. If the team selected does not emerge top, the bet fails.
  • Futures: The Futures bet is similar to the Outright bets. However, the former is more profitable as the odds are higher. In this bet, the gambler attempts to guess the team that wins a tournament some months before it begins.
  • Prop Bets: This bet involves in-game activities that do not impact the outcome of the game. An example of a Hearthstone props bet is the "number of turns in the game'' or a "turn bet", where the number of total turns of the game is predicted.
  • Parlay Bets: At GGBet, players can pool the odds of their Hearthstone bets into one bet ticket. Simply put, it involves the accumulation of bets. This is also called parlay betting, increasing the odds of the parlayed ticket. To win this bet, you must win all the bets accumulated.

Staking on Hearthstone Bets

If you are new to GGBet or Hearthstone betting, you might be curious about the steps to placing your first Hearthstone bet. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. Here are the steps to place your Hearthstone bet.

  • Load the GGBet website and create an account. You must fill in the necessary details and select a currency matching your country's denomination.
  • Fund your GGBet account. Here, you select the deposit menu and choose any suitable payment option.
  • Search for "Hearthstone" in the search tab.
  • Select an available Hearthstone game and research about the teams.
  • Select an odds based on your research.
  • Type in the amount you are willing to risk.
  • Confirm the bet, and you are done.

Strategically winning Hearthstone Bets

Esports betting Hearthstone games definitely come with wins and, most times, losses. What if we told you there are strategies to increase your chances of winning a Hearthstone bet? We bet you are curious to know them. Here are the strategies for winning any Hearthstone bet:

  • Understand the basics of Hearthstone and how it is played.
  • Set an amount for gambling and never exceed it.
  • Find out important information and statistics about the teams competing in the game.
  • Never accumulate all your bets into one ticket on any bookmaker.
  • Bet on live games to leverage real-time information.
  • Take the risk of betting on the underdogs.
  • Mix the bet options you select.
  • Stay updated on Hearthstone trends and new metas (new skills or cards).


Hearthstone bets are one trend that you do not want to miss. With GGBet's wide market range and bonus offer, among other features, betting on Hearthstone games becomes really exciting. Join the top Hearthstone bettors today by registering on GGBet.