Crash Games on GGBet: JetX

In 2019, SmartSoft Gaming birthed an arcade-styled crash game which skyrocketed the thrills of online gambling. JetX, as it's popularly called, has a distinct gameplay where gamers stake on the result of a flying aircraft. Notable online casinos like GGBet have included it in their wide variety of games available for play.

The JetX game is quite simple and easy to win, provided you follow the rules. You can settle for the little wins or wait for larger ones. As with most online casino games, luck is your biggest deciding factor. Based on the similarities, you might confuse it with the Aviator slot from the same developer. In this article, we'll be divulging the salient features of the JetX casino game and how it differs from Aviator.

JetX Gameplay

The main aim of the game is a successful landing of the aircraft, despite all odds. However, laserbeams, asteroids, different spacecraft and other obstacles are out to disrupt your success. Thanks to features like magnets, shields and boosts, you can navigate these obstacles and win coins.

The 3-reel symbol controls the spaceship movement because each one symbolizes its engine. Once you spin the reel, the affected engine roars to life, moving the spaceship forward. Also, note that the number of engines fired at once determines the spaceship's speed.

In the JetX game, different features are shown while in action:

  • Specials: Spaceship, Bonus and Power up symbols.
  • Sky-themed objects: Planets, Comets, Stars and others.

These features have various meanings and contribute largely to your coin stock and overall payouts.

JetX Bets on GGBet

There's no greater joy for gambling enthusiasts than finding a platform that meets all their needs. On GGBet, you're offered a seamless and fun-filled gaming experience, plus a chance to make easy money. To begin though, you need to have a registered GGBet account.

After signing up, navigate to the slots section and select the JetX game then:

  • Place any of the JetX bets from €0.1 to €300.
  • Adjust the bet size using the +/- sign.
  • Select the "Place your bet" button.
    • Automatic Bets: This will place the previous bet from your former rounds; thus, you need not bet manually. It's only advisable for punters with a heavy bankroll and notable betting moves.
    • Automatic Cashouts: This is similar to the aforementioned but you only cash out payouts based on a preset profit margin. You're to select whichever multiplier you want your wins to be multiplied with after cashing out.
  • Once the spacecraft starts its movement on the runway, multipliers start to increase.
  • Don't get lost in the thrills of gaming and remember to cash out before the spaceship crashes.
  • Timing skills, a keen eye and your LUCK are needed for successful JetX predictions.

Why You Should Play JetX on GGBet

  • Controlled winnings: You can choose to cash out anytime before the plane crashes.
  • Unlike other game titles, you don't need prior knowledge of the game.
  • Easy to understand and play.
  • Unique gameplay, sound effects, graphics and high RTP.
  • There is a demo version available for beginners.
  • Wide range of payment methods.
  • High rewards on small stakes, provided you adopt reliable JetX predictions.

Strategies to play and win JetX on GGBet

Like every game of chance, there's no guaranteed way to win at any JetX casino. Nevertheless, adopting some strategies may increase your likelihood of winning.

  • Manage your bankroll effectively: A controlled finance is key to responsible gaming.
  • Bet big on low multipliers and vice versa: This strategy will reduce your chances of losing much money if the spacecraft crashes before cash out.
  • Cash out as swiftly as possible: Listen to your inner sense about JetX predictions and don't covet too much.
  • Adopt the Martingale strategy when need be. This entails starting with a small bet and doubling it every time you lose a wager. For instance, if you start with €2 (lose), stake €4 (win). Stake €4 (lose), stake €8 (win). Nevertheless, it is always wise to know when to stop.
  • Manage your bets: On GGBet, you can place 2 JetX bets simultaneously or use the former wins to lock the recent one in place.

Final Words

Despite being a game associated with high risk, punters are highly invested in JetX casino games. At GGBet, we offer mouthwatering bonuses, impressive gameplay, nice-themed games and exciting rewards. Life itself is a risk, why not win while at it?